Rotary Heat Engine (RHE)

A rotary heat engine is a Rankine cycle (temperature difference power generation or binary power generation) with an external combustion type Bankel type rotary engine (expander) developed by us. Since the Rankine cycle operates around the boiling point of the working medium, it can generate electricity from a low-temperature heat source when a working medium with a low boiling point is used.

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Rotary Heat Engine (RHE)

Thermoelectric conversion element
(Dual Peltier Module)

The Peltier effect is normally used to pump heat. By combining two Peltier modules in a dual layer, large temperature-differences can be measured. As a result, more electricity can be produced more efficiently.

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We use both Peltier and Seebeck effects in our two-stage Peltier devices, and we are entrusted with the thermal design of these devices.

Thermoelectric conversion element

Sponsored Research

Our company is entrusted with the conception and design of heat-applied devices, as well as the proof of principle through the production of principle models.

In particular, we focus on the following technologies

  • ・Small-scale temperature difference power generation (using Seebeck device)
  • ・Large-scale temperature difference power generation (using rotary heat engines)
  • ・Technology to reuse discarded hot water, etc.
  • ・Use of radiant heat from forged products heated red hot in furnaces, etc.
  • ・Other thermal design

We have a wide range of products such as the following. We accept requests for production processing and measurement using these devices. For more information, please contact us here.

Sponsored Research