Da Vinci Co., Ltd

Company History

1991 Mr. kenji Higashi began experimenting with simple steam sauna products.
1992 We developed a simple steam sauna product version 1, and filed a patent application.
1994 We received an order for developing additional products from Dainihon Jochugiku Corporation Limited.
1995 We filed a patent collaborated with Dainihon Jochugiku Corporation Limited. Furthermore, we filed another patent application regarding simple steam sauna product version 2 ,and an improvement of water and soil pollutions by using microbes.
1996 We began to sell steam sauna "Florida", targeted an IPO, and appeared on Kansai Technology Map published by Kinki Ministry of International Trade and Industry as Venture Enterprise.
1998 Our sauna patent application was registered and we granted an exclusive license. Company name was changed to Da Vinci Corporation Limited and headquarters were moved to Yamato-Takada (current location) from Osaka.
1999 Since 1999 we targeted to develop heat-to-electricity converting devices and began to manufacture Peltier style CPU cooler, and delivered it to Toshiba Fuel Cell Power System Corporation.
2001 to
From 2001 to 2005, various products were developed: non-attached temperature control devices, new type Peltier device, side-chain crystalized polymer, inverter for EL(Electric Luminescence), forced and air-cooled Peltier cooler (60W, 120W, 240W, and self-excited type), dual Peltier device, adhesive cleaning goods with high effect of sterilization by using side-chain crystalized polymer (Intelimer, heat transfer device (Magnetic Heat Pump), etc
2006 We obtained venture capital 30,000,000 JP Yen from Mie Prefecture, and Opened a research laboratory at Nabari, Mie. We also started to lead Ondosa Hatsuden Kenkyu Kai (a research group of focusing on Temperature Difference Power Generation), supported from the Neo-Cluster forwarding community (Minister of Economy, Trading and Industry, METI).
2007 We increased our capital to 60,000,000 JP Yen through dead-equity swap and obtained an investment from Future Venture Capital (JP venture firm).
2008 We established European office in Brussels, Belguim and opened the STEP (Socio Thermal Energy Project) Laboratory at The University of Tokyo.
2009 We have completed Rotary Heat Engine (500W size) product in June.
2010 We received Kansai Front Runner Grand Prize in February.
We have completed the Rotary Heat Engine system (1kW) in June.
2011 Ministry of the Environment in Japan decided to sponsor our research on the Rotary Heat Engine in April.
We have completed the Rotary Heat Engine (10kW Commercial Model) in May.
2012 RIKEN and Da Vinci established a new team (Radiant Energy and Electricity Generation Research Team) in April.
2013 Rotary Heat Engine was broadcasted by TV Tokyo in January.
We have established Green Energy LLC in March.
2014 Started order acceptance of 10 kW RHE in April.
2015 Started development of plastic RE (Rotary Expander) for decreasing cost

As of December 10, 2015