Da Vinci Co., Ltd

Description of the Business

Scope of Business

Da Vinci's core technology is thermal system design. Our main business is sponsored research, primarily on conductance and radiation of heat, thermal energy conversion (the electrical generating system by the temperature difference), and so on. One example of our products is the dual Peltier module, which is used as a cooling element with dehumidifying structure and an element of thermal energy conversion.


Da Vinci plans to manufacture and sell the RHE, which converts waste heat and solar heat into electricity. And our main objectives are slowing global warming and promotion of renewable energy.
Now we are planning to promote productization of plastic parts for Rotary Expander (RE Expander; the main component of rotary heat engine), and aiming to reduce the price. Also, we are expanding the license of our own patent to overseas companies and the system of RE Expander agency.