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Start of order acceptance for Rotary Heat Engine (RHE)

Rotary Heat Engine is a Wankel-based rotary engine of external combustion that our company developed. The characteristic of RHE is to work efficiently even with low pressure as the expander of Rankine cycle. By combining RHE and a generator, it is possible to recover waste heat and efficiently convert it into electricity. Rotary Heat Engine (RHE) is low-temperature waste heat recovery system that can generate electricity using low-temperature (40~95°C) heat, which has been difficult to reuse until now. It is compact and the installation area is only 2m².

Our company not only develops RHE but also conducts research on the heat control technology such as Dual Peltier Module, the Seebeck Effect, and the Magnetic Heat Pump, etc. For further details of our technology, please refer to the pages of “RHE” and “Technology & Products”.

Rotary Heat Engine Catalog Video(YouTube)
  Collaboration:The University of Tokyo)