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Is Rotary Heat Engine (RHE) commercialized, or is it in a development process?

We have commercialized RHE 10 kW system. Our system is not a complete unit, but it is a semi-custom-made product which is individually designed to be adopted to each customer’s heat source. In near future, we will develop a 100 kW system by installing several engines.

Can I purchase Da Vinci’s Rotary Heat Engine?

We have started to accept orders from April 1st, 2014.

How much is Da Vinci’s Rotary Heat Engine (RHE)?

RHE is a semi-custom-made product. Therefore, we offer an estimate after being offered information on heat sources, etc.. Please request an estimate by filling in the RHE inquiry form.

What is the preferable temperature for using Da Vinci's Rotary Heat Engine (RHE)?

In case of water vapor or drain water not being flash-evaporated, RHE can be directly installed if the temperature is not greater than 150°C. If those heat sources are higher than 150°C, on the other hand, it requires additional structure to avoid excessive input of heat.

In case of hot water, RHE can generate electricity with the temperature ranging from 40°C to 100°C. However, the output power decreases in proportion to the heat-source temperature because of reduction in the pressure of working fluid. Rated output can be generated from 85°C hot water. The utility of electricity generation from low-temperature heat sources is the capability of repetitive use of hot water down to the temperature of about 50°C, in a situation where hot water circulates between RHE and a hot water reserve tank. This is advantageous with respect to the total amount of generated electricity. Furthermore, owing to this feature, RHE offers an alternative way to deal with industrial waste hot water whose temperature is required to be lowered, and which is conventionally discharged after blended with cooling industrial water. Please refer to the RHE page for further information.

Q5 Where can I get Da Vinci’s catalog?

Please download the catalog from here.